About our farm

About Tulip Tours and Mike Zwart

At Tulip Tours, the knowledge and love about the tulip has been passed on from generation to generation. Mike Zwart therefore belongs to the third generation of tulip farmers in the region. Mike not only shows his passion and enthusiasm every day by perfecting the bulb fields, he also likes to do this in the form of giving guided tours and tours.
He likes to share all his knowledge and experience with the tourists and he is also happy to share the flower with others. This is also where the idea of ​​the picking garden comes from, all of this out of pure love for the tulip.
A tour with a real tulip farmer is therefore the perfect way to complete a trip to this beautiful region. During a visit to the bulb nursery you will learn about the history and methods used to harvest the tulips.
The bulb nursery is also the perfect place to get up close and personal with the surreal, impressionistic landscape of the tulip fields. Tulip Tours is unique in this regard, normally the bulb fields are not accessible to the public.
Our history
As mentioned, Mike is already the third generation who spends day in, day out among the tulips and bulbs. His grandfather started the company in 1960. A difficult time in which his search for agricultural land from Breezand eventually ended in Venhuizen. Started small, but now I can proudly say that 8 million bulbs are now being produced.
These are sold to export companies and so-called forcing companies. The latter make new variants of the existing bulbs. They own an average of four tulip fields each year that we keep a close eye on. Curious about exactly how this process works? Read more here.

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