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Exploring Authentic Netherlands: Stories, Experiences, Flowers and History

Magical Tulip Tour, lady in white dress walking between pink tulips

Magical Tulip Tour

By Marielle Kolster

Magical Tulip Tour Embark on an exclusive adventure through the tulip-strewn landscapes of North Holland! Welcome to our Tulip Explorer Tours, where the extraordinary awaits-tailored for intrepid souls seeking a touch of magic and a glimpse of the authentic Netherlands with this Magical Tulip Tour &More. Intimate small group Step into a world where vibrant …

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Tulip farmer

The First Tulip fields blooming

By Mike Zwart

The First Tulip Fields are starting to bloom! Since 8 April, we have started our tulip tours. From Amsterdam, we drive to the north of the Netherlands to visit the beautiful tulip fields and we are lucky. Some tulip growers grow their tulip bulbs under plastic, which causes the tulips to bloom two weeks earlier. …

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Keukenhof 2023

Keukenhof flower park in Lisse is open

By Mike Zwart

Discover the enchanting spring in the Netherlands at Keukenhof Flower Park in Lisse. With over 7 million tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils, you are sure to be mesmerized by the explosion of color and fragrance this garden has to offer. Yesterday, we visited Keukenhof for the first time. Although the weather felt like autumn, when we …

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Tulips in Amsterdam

By Mike Zwart

Through Amsterdam with the tulips! We are already busy getting our condition up to standard because we are almost allowed to go again; Cycling with tulips through Amsterdam! Every year a highlight for us to tour our beautiful capital by cargo bike. All that with our favorite flower; The tulip! Read on to find out …

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The first flowers are bloom in The Netherlands

By Mike Zwart

The tulips are slowly blooming! We are just not counting down the days but we can’t wait; The tulip fields are blooming again! Four weeks to go and the first tulips will shoot out of their buds. Of course it is mother nature that will eventually work here, but this does not happen automatically. To …

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love between the Tulips

By Mike Zwart

Love Between the Tulips No doubt you think of red roses as the symbol of love, but did you know that red tulips also stand for love, loyalty and friendship? If you receive a bunch of red tulips from someone in the future, it can just be a sign of love. A field full of …

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Beautiful red tulip field at Tulip Tours Holland Venhuizen

Tulip fields: a sea of colour

By Mike Zwart

Tulipfields: a sea of colour Tulip fields are synonymous with the Netherlands! Every year, thousands of people come to the Netherlands to behold these colourful fields. Our Tulip Tours show Dutch tulip fields at their best and introduce you to places you have never seen before! Visiting the tulip fields The tulips bloom between April and mid-May. …

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Tulip tour lunch in Venhuizen, Holland Tulip Tours Holland

Tulip tour in Holland

By Mike Zwart

All our tulip tours have one goal: to show the tulips fields of Noord-Holland and introduce you to the stories behind this Dutch icon. Will you be joining us?

How does the tulip grow

How does the tulip grow

By Mike Zwart

How does the tulip grow How does the tulip grow? The tulip is a beautiful flower, which is available in many different colors and heights. From April to the end of May the Dutch tulip fields are in bloom, this wonderful picture attracts a lot of attention, every single year. The tulips also contribute to …

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Deheading the tulips at Tulip Tours Holland in Venhuizen

After the tulip fields are cutted

By Mike Zwart

After the tulip fields are cutted… The beautiful tulip fields are still in full bloom and the grower comes with a machine and heads off all the tulips. Why is this happening? It is a shame to see the beautiful tulip fields disappear in an instant, this is for good reason, all the tulip fields …

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Best Guided Tulip Tour

Happy people in tulip field with old dutch windmill in background

Unwind in the Beauty of Tulips: Join Our Exclusive Guided Tour! 🌷

Embark on a journey with us, away from the crowds, to discover the enchanting world of tulips in a small, intimate group. Capture stunning moments surrounded by vibrant blooms, indulge in a delightful Dutch lunch, and explore a tulip-filled forest with a picturesque windmill as your backdrop. Our expert guide, immersed in tulip knowledge, ensures a personalized and unforgettable experience. Elevate your adventure - where every photo, every bloom, and every moment is crafted for you. Book your escape into tulip paradise now!

What people say

Yulia Egorova 

"Amazing experience, from the beginning to the end, fields are beautiful, buses are super comfy, lunch was delicious, highly recommended"

TJ Chapman

"I had an absolutely fantastic experience. The various tulip fields were great, the working windmill tour was amazing, and the lunch was delicious. The guides are very knowledgeable."
"No words can describe what an experience this was. If someone have dreamt of walking in a tulip field, then this tour is a must.
Our guide Mike is a 3rd generation tulip farmer. Very knowledgeable, fun person to talk with. Visited two farms on the same day. You can pick 8-10 tulips p.p to take back home. A simple yet enjoyable lunch with hot drinks & tea/coffee was arranged in the field. An experience we as a family will cherish forever. Highly recommended."

Mike Chu

"Awesome tour. Roel has so much knowledge and insight to the farms. The colors of the flowers were incredible!"

"Such a lovely tour! Really nice lunch included too. A unique tour (we even got to choose the colour of flowers we wanted to visit). Got some great photos on the drone too!"


"Giardino dei tulipani. Da vedere una volta nella vita. Bellissima giornata. C'è da camminare ma ne vale l pena. Ottimo periodo fine marzo. Quando il clima è caldo di primavera"

Shirley A

Fai il giro!

"Il tour prevedeva alcune fermate tra cui i mulini a vento, il museo olandese delle scarpe, il museo del formaggio e una gita a Edam. È stata una giornata impegnativa con così tanto da vedere. L'autobus era molto comodo con la ricarica dei telefoni sul tetto dell'autobus. Non riesco a ricordare il nome della guida turistica o dell'autista. Valeva la pena fare il viaggio e lo consiglierei; Vorrei che fossimo andati durante la fioritura dei tulipani."

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