Edam-Volendam history and present time

Over the past few decades, Volendam has been in the spotlight, but in the past Edam was the place where it mainly happened.

Edam was once a major center of activity in the Netherlands, and it is still a beautiful and historically significant place to visit. The polder landscape of Zeevang, as you described, is a unique and picturesque area, known for its long strips of land and narrow ditches that crisscross the landscape. It's a landscape that was shaped by centuries of human intervention and is truly one-of-a-kind.

The Dutch have a long history of reclaiming land from the sea, and the polders of Zeevang are a testament to their ingenuity and determination. The network of dikes, dams, and canals that protect this land from the sea also make for some interesting photographic subjects. The flat and expansive landscape makes for some great panoramic shots, and the ever-changing light and sky over the flat land make for some beautiful scenes.

The traditional farmhouses and windmills that are scattered throughout the polder are also great subjects for photographers. Many of the farmhouses have been preserved and maintained in their original state, providing a glimpse into the past. The windmills, which were once used to drain the polder, are also iconic symbols of the Netherlands and are great subjects for photos.

Overall, the Zeevang polder is a beautiful and unique area that offers many interesting photographic opportunities. With its flat and expansive landscape, traditional farmhouses and windmills, and picturesque dikes, dams and canals it definitely worth to include in the itinerary while visiting the Netherlands.

Tulips in Edam
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