Village Marken

Marken is a small village located in the province of North Holland in the Netherlands. It is situated on a peninsula in the Markermeer, a shallow lake that was created when the IJsselmeer was dammed in the 1930s. Marken is known for its traditional wooden houses and its role in the Dutch fishing industry.

Volendam is another small village located in the province of North Holland, which is famous for its picturesque harbor, colorful houses, and traditional clothing. Volendam is a popular tourist destination known for its lively atmosphere and folk music. Visitors to Volendam can take a boat tour of the harbor, visit local museums, and sample traditional Dutch foods like smoked eel and herring.

Both Marken and Volendam are close to Amsterdam and are easily accessible by bus or boat. They are popular day trips for people visiting Amsterdam and other nearby cities. They are also great places for photography.

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