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Every week, we write a nice blog about the tulip season in the Netherlands.

Tulip private tour at Tulip Tours Holland in Venhuizen

Tulip Tours Holland now also offers private tours

25th April 2018

Tulip Tours Holland now also offers private tours. These tours will specifically appeal to smaller (private or professional) groups that want a different kind of day out.

How does the tulip grow

How to plant tulip bulbs

23rd April 2018

Do you want a stunning garden with tulips when spring arrives? Then you have to plant them well in advance. But how and when should you plant tulip bulbs?

What is a tulip?

What is a tulip?

15th April 2018

The tulip is a plant from the Lilly family and is a monocotyledon. This means the tulip only has one cotyledon (or embryonic leaf) per seed. Bulbs are planted in October and bloom between the end of March and the end of May. So it’s no surprise that tulips symbolise spring time!

Planting tulips at the fields of Tulip Tours Holland in Venhuizen

What is tulip topping?

9th April 2018

Tulips only bloom for a short period of time. In the spring, growers remove the top of the flower: this is referred to as tulip topping. But how is this done?

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