Tulips Amsterdam

Tulips in Amsterdam

When it's Spring again I'll bring again Tulips from Amsterdam- who doesn't know this well-known song? But what could be more fun than receiving a bunch of tulips? Right, seeing this beautiful flower for real in Amsterdam!

Every year many events are organized to emphasize and bring attention to the beauty of the tulip. To make sure you don't miss any of Amsterdam's tulip events, we've listed our favorites.

Tulips on the dam

What's the beating heart of Amsterdam? Of course the Dam, the name of this square is even hidden in the name of the city. This is also the place where the tulip season opens.

During the opening of the tulip season, people can pick tulips for home use for free. Think of our tulip picking garden but then in a pop-up version (and imitation) on a square. It's great to combine this event with a visit to the city center of Amsterdam.

Cycle tours with tulips through Amsterdam

You may already be familiar with the cycle routes through the tulip fields, but there is much more. Every year, Tulip Tours organizes a bicycle tour along all their partner hotels in our capital at the beginning of the tulip season. This is always at the beginning of April and the official start of the tulip season in Amsterdam.

People who encounter our bicycle tour are the lucky ones; They receive a tulip for free from our employees. Our staff will also inform tourists about the latest tulip events and facts. One big tulip feast!

Tulips all over Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam also promotes the region's pride to its residents and visitors. They do this in a variety of ways including placing 100 flower boxes full of tulips throughout Amsterdam. They are supported in this by growers, who naturally seize every opportunity to put their flower in the spotlight.

Tulip fields in the Amsterdam region

Aside from all the fun events in Amsterdam, to see the real tulip fields you have to get out of the city. But you don't have to drive far to see this magnificent highlight.

The first fields can be spotted just in a 15 minutes drive from Amsterdam. Navigate to the Beemster and you'll be fine. For more than 50 years they have experience with growing the most beautiful tulips (and making cheese, highly recommended!).

Do you really want to discover the most beautiful places? Then we recommend going for the convenience of an organized tour. This way you can be sure that you come home with the most beautiful photos and tulips. Do not mind driving a little further? Then the following places are highly recommended:

- The Keukenhof in Lisse (about a 40-minute drive from Amsterdam)

- Tulip tours garden in Venhuizen (about a 35-minute drive from Amsterdam)

- Kop van Noord-Holland (about a 45-minute drive from Amsterdam)

- West-Friesland (about a 45-minute drive from Amsterdam)


In Amsterdam they can't wait to show the most beautiful tulips of the year! And we like to join them. Are you too?

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