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Giethoorn & Windmill

day trip to Giethoorn and the beautiful historic windmill

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Tulip Experience

Want to experience the real spring feeling? A visit to the Dutch tulip fields is all you need!

Not available - Open April 2023 

Tulip Tour Garden

There’s nothing more beautiful than the Dutch tulip. The ultimate spring feeling.

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In our journey:

The Windmill

you would visit a typical Dutch mill where you can also take a look inside. Experience how people used and live in a mill and how a mill works,


you would discover Dutch 'Green Venice' a small village, is located in the Northeastern part of the Netherlands.  The village are connected by 176 bridges to the mainland. on all these islands, there are houses which are built in the 18th and 19th centuries. A walking/cycling path runs right trough this area. all residents can get to their house by bicycle or boat, in fact that the houses all look alike, all the houses are covered with thatched roofs.

enjoy one hour boat cruise in Giethoorn.

This 6 hours experience gives you a relaxed, memorable and enjoyable tour with a lot of beautiful photos.  a nice experience for the whole family!,


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Tulip Tours from Amsterdam

Tulip tours Holland show you all the colors of tulip fields within 1 day! Within 30 minutes you will arrive from Amsterdam at the first beautiful tulip field. With the Tulip Tour you get a guide who accompanies you along the Tulip Fields. They tell about the history and process of the tulip! But we'll go to:

  • Windmill
  • Tulip fields
  • Ou own Tulips Garden

Our Tulip picking garden in Venhuizen

Our tulip picking garden in Venhuizen has more than 300,000 tulips. You can enjoy all the different colors out there. We show how the tulip grower works, with what kind of machines are used in the past and also now. You can pick your own tulips, take photos, and have lunch in the middle of the most colorful tulip field you've probably never seen before.

How can you join this tour?
This tour starts from Amsterdam, you will be picked up from Amsterdam Central Station, you will be pampered during the 6 hour tour.

Not available - Open April 2023 

Why choose Tulip Tours Holland?

  • Tulip

    Visit the most beautiful tulipfields

  • Tulip

    A unique look behind the scenes

  • Tulip

    Lunch in the middle of a tulip field

About Tulip Tours Holland Mike Zwart

About our farm

At Tulip Tours, the knowledge and love about the tulip has been passed on from generation to generation. Mike Zwart therefore belongs to the third generation of tulip farmers in the region. Mike not only shows his passion and enthusiasm every day by perfecting the bulb fields, he also likes to do this in the form of giving guided tours and tours.

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Tulip Tours Garden

Adres: Parking Westerbuurt 40 in Venhuizen

A Tulip picking garden, a wonderful experience for everyone, in the show garden you can take a beautiful spring photo. Walk through the Tulip Garden and admire more than 100 different Tulip Variations. The tulip garden is located in Venhuizen. Venhuizen is located 30 minutes from Amsterdam, in West Friesland. The show garden offers the opportunity to walk among the Tulips, or have lunch with your family or friends at one of the many picnic tables, fun for Mother's Day. Pick your color mix Tulips and take your dream photo.


Tulips Above Amsterdam

Where all tour companies go to Keukenhof, we focus our attention on the Tulips and bulb fields above Amsterdam. Because here are plenty of tulip sights that are just as well worth a look. And a bonus: they are a lot less touristy than tulip sights such as Keukenhof. Where are the bulb fields in North Holland? And which places here are really recommended? We highlight some 'tulip-rich' places. read more : Tulips Above Amsterdam

Tulips below Amsterdam

Tulips. all colors of the rainbow and can be admired in all kinds of ways: in a bouquet or in the form of a souvenir. But perhaps the best way to admire them is in the 'wild'. In tulip fields. In all directions of the Netherlands you will find tulip fields that are in tip-top condition. So go on a tulip trip and be amazed by the strips in the landscape with popping colors. On this page we zoom in on the tulips in the region below Amsterdam: from the tulip field in Zeeland to the tulip field in South Holland. read more : Tulip below Amsterdam

News & Blog

Planting our Tulips Garden

Spring Time

The first flowers are bloom in The Netherlands

The tulips are slowly blooming! We are just not counting down the days but we can’t wait; The tulip fields are blooming again! Four weeks to go and the first tulips will shoot out of their buds. Of course it is mother …

The first flowers are bloom in The Netherlands Read More »

Tulips in Amsterdam

When it's Spring again I'll bring again Tulips from Amsterdam- who doesn't know this well-known song? But what could be more fun than receiving a bunch of tulips? Right, seeing this beautiful flower for real in Amsterdam!

Every year many events are organized to emphasize and bring attention to the beauty of the tulip. To make sure you don't miss any of Amsterdam's tulip events, we've listed our favorites.

Tulips on the dam

What's the beating heart of Amsterdam? Of course the Dam, the name of this square is even hidden in the name of the city. This is also the place where the tulip season opens.

During the opening of the tulip season, people can pick tulips for home use for free. Think of our tulip picking garden but then in a pop-up version (and imitation) on a square. It's great to combine this event with a visit to the city center of Amsterdam.

Tulips all over Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam also promotes the region's pride to its residents and visitors. They do this in a variety of ways including placing 100 flower boxes full of tulips throughout Amsterdam. They are supported in this by growers, who naturally seize every opportunity to put their flower in the spotlight.

Read more : Tulips in Amsterdam

Tulips in Giethoorn

You sometimes wonder, where do all these Tulips come from? Tulips only bloom for 3 to 4 weeks in the fields in April and May. We received many questions from people who could not travel to the Netherlands during this period. Therefore, we decided to take the Tulips to the most beautiful places in the Netherlands from November to April. Photos in the tulip fields are beautiful but it is still unique if you have a Tulip photos with a windmill from the Zaanse Schans or in the city of Amsterdam? We even planted tulips in Giethoorn this year. You can only see tulips in April and May during your boat trip in Giethoorn.

Tulpen planten in Giethoorn

Accommodations nearby our tulips garden

Camping Appelhoek

We, Paul and Ellen Wagenaar, welcome you to our organic dairy cattle farm in the village Wijdenes. Directly located along the historical West Frisian Omringdijk/Dike near the Marker Lake, which used to be the Zuiderzee/Sea, we offer you an unique holiday destination.


In our beautifully situated (residential) farm we have realized two guestrooms wíth own bathroom. The Bed & Breakfast has an own entrance and is completely separated from our living quarters.  There is a little beach, on the IJsselmeer, in about a 5 minute walk. The beach is not only popular by sunbathers, but because of the shallow water also very popular by (kite)surfers.

Family at farm Hoeve de Meeuw

Our dairy farm is located in one of the most beautiful West Frisian villages, Schellinkhout, where we milk 100 cows. You can now get a Farm Certificate at our farm in Schellinkhout. You get an extensive tour of the farm. You then go get cows, and also give the calves milk. We teach you how to make your own butter.

B&B de "Elbahof" has two rooms on the first floor. Our garden has two terraces where you can relax, while the illuminated walkways lead you along the pond and four themes. Our location is a perfect base for a day on IJsselmeer and / or Markermeer, a visit to the historic V.O.C. cities Hoorn, Enkhuizen, Medemblik, or our capital Amsterdam.
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