After the tulip fields are cutted...

The beautiful tulip fields are still in full bloom and the grower comes with a machine and heads off all the tulips.
Why is this happening?

It is a shame to see the beautiful tulip fields disappear in an instant, this is for good reason, all the tulip fields that you see around you are all meant to produce a new bulb and not to sell the flower. The flower on land therefore dies completely.

The small bulb in the ground grows into a beautiful Tulip in 6 months, the moment the tulip is fully grown and the flower is headed, all energy goes from the Tulip to the new bulb in the ground.

From that moment on, the small bulb will develop into a large bulb, the crop of the tulip must remain healthy to get as much energy as possible into the bulb, this bulb is removed from the soil after 6 weeks from flowering and put into preparation to produce a tulip to be sold to consumers this winter. Next Blog: Harvest the tulip bulbs

A hand full of deheaded tulips at Tulip Tours Holland
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