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As sweet as a milkshake!

Perhaps you have already seen the Milkshake tulip. It is another special name for a special tulip; characterised by its pink colour and white edge.

Striking appearance
The stunning Milkshake tulip is long, but has a full body. The tulip catches the eye because of its egg-shaped flower, which sets it apart from most other tulips. Its size makes it less vulnerable than other types of tulips.

We are not alone in our appreciation for the Milkshake tulip: the tulip has even won awards over the past two years! In 2016, the Milkshake tulip received the ‘Interpolis Tulip Award’ for the most promising tulip. Why? Because it grows quickly in greenhouses and has a large flower that remains firmly closed.

Polder talent
A year later in 2017, the Milkshake tulip excelled again when it received the Poldertalent award! Exporters expect the Milkshake tulip to be very popular.

In short: The Milkshake tulip is unique and will appeal to more and more people!

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