Parking Volendam

Free parking in the center of Volendam

There are several options for free parking in the village of Volendam. There are 4 places where you can park for free. if you want a short walk to the center of the village? read the descriptions below carefully. Take always the N246 road to Volendam.

Marinapark Volendam

It's a large parking place that is located just a short walk from the park's main entrance. The parking lot is open 24 hours a day and is free of charge. This parking is located at Roompot Marinapark and offers space for more than 300 cars and 18 touringcars. The parking area is on the right when you enter Volendam, only 2 minutes walk to the Tulip field and 10 minutes from the parking to the port of Volendam.

  • 300 parking spaces for cars.
  • 18 Parking spaces for touringcars.
  • Close to Restaurants, bars, museums and tourist shops.


Slobbeland park

The second large parking lot located on the outskirts of town, near the Volendam Marken Express boat dock. This parking lot is free of charge and is a short walk of 5 minutes from the parking to the center of town.

  • 90 parking spaces for cars.
  • Close to Restaurants, bars, museums and tourist shops.
  • Close to the center of Volendam.

Parallelweg park

This parking lot is located directly on the Volendammer dike, this parking lot is the closest to the center, but you have to drive through the village to get here. It's only 5 minutes walking to the beautifull shops, bars or museums of Volendam

  • 125 parking spaces for cars.
  • 32 parking spaces for touringcar ( you have to pay for parking )

If you don't mind a longer walk, you can try parking on the streets in the residential areas outside of the town center. These areas usually have free street parking, but you may have to walk a bit to reach the center of town.



Public transportation

Alternatively, you can consider using public transportation to reach Volendam. From Sunday to Friday, bus 316 departs every 15 minutes from Amsterdam Center to Volendam Center. On Saturdays there is a bus every 20 minutes from Amsterdam Center to Volendam.

Marinapark Volendam
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