How to plant tulip bulbs

Do you want a stunning garden with tulips when spring arrives? Then you have to plant them well in advance. But how and when should you plant tulip bulbs? It is actually very easy because all flower bulbs are planted in the same way.

Planting in practice

Firstly, it is important to know how the bulbs must be planted. Before planting the bulbs, you must first mix dense ground, like clay soil, with sand. You must then make the soil nice and loose, create a small hole and insert the tulip bulb with the tip facing upwards. The rule of thumb is that bulbs must be planted three times deeper than their height. Large bulbs should be planted approximately 20 cm deep and small bulb approximately 12.5 cm deep. Do you want to plant several bulbs? Make sure there is a distance of approximately 1 centimetre between the bulbs. The final step is to given them a little bit of water!

When should you plant tulip bulbs?

Now that you know how bulbs should be planted, it is also important to know when bulbs should be planted. In order to develop strong roots, tulip bulbs must be placed in the ground at least six weeks before it first freezes. So plant your bulbs in the autumn, somewhere between the end of September and the start of December.

Opt for a sunny location or somewhere without a lot of shadow. Exactly when the tulip blossoms will differ per species, but in general: the earlier you plant the bulbs, the sooner they start to blossom.

How do I care for my tulips?

It is useful to keep an eye out for dry periods, so you can give your tulips a bit of water from time to time. However, it is also important to take measures against severe freezing. In this case, you can, for example, cover the surface using leaves or straw. This will allow the tulips to continue growing without problems.


  • Plant your bulbs in groups (± 1 cm apart) for a nice colourful effect;
  • Keep a close eye on weather conditions and take appropriate measures;
  • Make sure you plant your bulbs in an appropriate location: a sunny or semi-covered place is ideal.

Enjoy having your own tulips!

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