Photoshoot with Arielle or Amarant Captures

Arielle Frioza is a Amsterdam based photographer from Brazil.

Arielle focused on creating an amazing experience by total immersion in the local culture. Having more than 10 years experience in lifestyle photography, she already worked with people from different cultures all over the world like Brazil, China, and now The Netherlands.

The artist is passionate about real people with real life stories and loves to portrait them through photography. Her clients shouldn't worry about having experience in front of her lenses because Arielle guides them through the photoshoot in a way that makes them comfortable, allowing her to capture the most natural and spontaneous clicks. It’s all about having fun and cherishing the moments while she snaps the best seconds of you with your loved ones. And she gives you the chance to book a photo shoot with her for a lasting memory of your visit to the Netherlands.

Arielle's work speaks for itself when it comes to naturality due to her talent of bringing the best out of her clients when it's time to click them. Her photoshoot in the tulip fields is definitely a unique and fun experience that you can't miss when visiting The Netherlands.

Rowan & Merlijn spontaneous & fun photography

Are you tired of saying: “Oh, I never look good in pictures!”

Are you looking for photos in which you can recognise yourself? Photos which truly capture your inner self through human connection? Ready to go on a photographic adventure like none you’ve ever had before? Then look no further, we are ready to help you!

Then who exactly are we? Hi, we are Rowan and Merlijn from Amarant Captures. We are wedding, business and lifestyle photographers. (and Merlijn is a videographer too)

We think, shoot and edit the same when it comes to our work. We find that our photos look better when we interact with you on a personal and informal level.

Before we start shooting, we take the time to get to know you first, and you get to know us. Throughout the shoot, you’ll find that it feels more like going on an adventure, rather than just have some stranger press the shutter button behind a big, scary looking camera. We want you to one day look back on the photos we make and remember it as a great and fun experience. An experience that truly puts a smile on your face.

In the edit room we ensure that each picture is carefully selected and edited to ensure that the entire album is one cohesive story that matches in light, colour and true emotions. Everything is shot and delivered in super high quality if you ever wish to print some out and hang them on your home wall. 

Does our style speak to you and are you curious about what artworks we can create together?

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