The first flowers are bloom in The Netherlands

The tulips are slowly blooming!

We are just not counting down the days but we can't wait; The tulip fields are blooming again! Four weeks to go and the first tulips will shoot out of their buds. Of course it is mother nature that will eventually work here, but this does not happen automatically. To put the tulip in the spotlight every year, literally in our case, a lot of work is required. In the coming few days the hyacinths, crocuses and daffodils are starting to bloom, you can admire beautiful yellow and blue color fields in the coming week.

great job

Of course, it starts with preparing fertile soil and sowing the best quality flower bulbs in the right way. This is the basis of a beautiful tulip, but there is much more to it. Through blogs we are going to make each one a success.

There's work to be done

Besides making sure that the tulips shine, we are of course also busy organizing all other activities. For example, we are busy arranging comfortable transport for our guests from Amsterdam, we bring our purely Dutch experience brought to the attention of partners in the region and us that lunch has been arranged.

That is of course what distinguishes us from Tulip Tour from other 'normal' growers, we offer a total package. A delicious lunch between tulips with real Dutch delicacies, the perfect addition to your tulip viewing. And die lunch? It must of course be of good quality. We try this all carefully, of course, what a punishment to do…

Never enough..

Besides that the tulips have to be of good quality for export and cultivation, we also have to ensure that there are specimens to fill the picking garden. Of course we want no one to miss out when they visit us for a bunch of tulips.

And whether Mike is also busy practicing in front of the mirror to be able to do a talk about the tulip right again? Not that. Mike has literally lived among the tulips all his life, so a blooming story about this flower is very easy for him!

In short, we have been working hard at the moment to be able to receive all guests later. We can't wait, see you soon!

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