The First Tulip fields blooming

The First Tulip Fields are starting to bloom!

Since 8 April, we have started our tulip tours. From Amsterdam, we drive to the north of the Netherlands to visit the beautiful tulip fields and we are lucky. Some tulip growers grow their tulip bulbs under plastic, which causes the tulips to bloom two weeks earlier. As a result, the tulip bulbs are already two weeks further along in their development and the tulips can be scalded earlier in the greenhouse. For us, it is wonderful to see the first tulip fields already in bloom. Over the past few days, we have been able to admire three fields a day, including a tulip field with an old-fashioned windmill. This is not only our favourite Dutch sight, but also that of tourists. We hope to let many more people experience this beautiful picture. As of now, we drive past the first Dutch tulip fields without plastic. The tulip buds pop open into wonderfully fragrant tulips and the many colours are a feast for the eyes. In our own tulip field, we explain the tulip bulbs and the entire process, so that everyone knows exactly how the tulip industry works. Because the most frequently asked question from tourists in three weeks’ time is: why do tulip growers cut the flowers? Why don’t they sell the flowers? Many questions we get when we see the fields turn green and the colours disappear again. You can read about this in our next blog.

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