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Tulips. They come in all colors of the rainbow and can be admired in all kinds of ways: in a bouquet or in the form of a souvenir. But perhaps the most beautiful way to admire them is in the 'wild'. In tulip fields. In all directions of the Netherlands you will find tulip fields that are tip-top. Go on a tulip trip with Giethorn tours and let yourself be amazed by the strips in the landscape with popping colors. On this page we zoom in on the tulips in the region south of Amsterdam: from a tulip field in Zeeland to a tulip field in South Holland.

The oldest tulip fields in the Netherlands

The tulip fields here are among the oldest in the Netherlands. The northern part of the bulb region, for example, on the sandy soils near Haarlem, is where bulb cultivation originated at the end of the 16th century. And where trade flourished, during the tulip mania in the 17th century. In that historic, economic era, a tulip was, writes Wikipedia, worth as much as a Amsterdam canal house!

When are tulip fields in bloom?

From mid-April to mid-May, the tulip fields are in bloom and you can enjoy flowering bulb fields as far as your eye can see. Nowhere else in the world can you find such a flat landscape as in the Netherlands, which makes the tulip fields seem even more extensive. The colors splash from the fields. Yellow, red, purple, pink, orange... Reason enough to take a day out for the tulips.

Tulips in the Bulb Region (30-45 minutes drive from Amsterdam)

A region that is literally named after the tulip: the bulb region. The region stretches west of Haarlem to Leiden - all the way along the coast of the North Sea. How Dutch do you want it to be! In addition to tulips, you can also see hyacinths, daffodils and crocuses here.

The bollenstreek

The tulip fields at Lisse, Hillegom and Noordwijkerhout have been there for centuries. They were created when dunes were excavated for urban planning. An area was then created that consists of a soil mixture of dune sand mixed with clay or peat – it turned out to be perfect for growing tulip bulbs. But not only the soil makes the bulb region so suitable for tulip bulbs, the weather conditions are also favorable. Due to the proximity of the sea, there is quite a lot of rain. And in the spring and summer it remains – compared to the interior – relatively cool and dry.

When the bulb region is in bloom?

The flowering time of the tulips in the bulb region is between mid-April and mid-May. But when the bulb region is really in bloom, depends entirely on the weather.

What can you do in the bollenstreek?

In the bulb region you can walk or drive a car route. You can cycle there or take a bulb boat with it. You can pick tulips in the bulb region and admire tulip parades. Plenty to do and see! Below is a selection of the activities.

  • There are show gardens such as De Tulperij in Voorhout: a flower greenhouse full of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths.
  • Another nice place is in Hillegom, here you can take a bulb boat
  • You will also find De keukenhof in this region: one of the largest flower parks in the world with no less than 7 million tulips and other bulbous plants.
  • The Tulipbarn is a nice opportunity to visit. Here they have a beautiful, colorful tulip field and you can take colorful photos.
  • National Geographic once declared the Flower Route through the bulb region one of the fifty most beautiful road trips on earth. You can find this bulb region autoroute on their site.
  • A must-see in the bulb region are the annual flower parades: parades of the most beautiful cars laden with flowers. On the first Saturday after 19 April, the floats drive from Noordwijk aan Zee to Haarlem (via Voorhout, Sassenheim, Lisse, Hillegom, Bennebroek and Heemstede)
  • On the second Saturday of August there is a flower parade from Rijnsburg via Katwijk aan Zee to Noordwijk aan Zee.
  • Picking tulips in the bulb regioncan be at different companies along the route of the flower parade. Often you pay a few euros for access to such a picking garden, and in addition a small amount per picked tulip. It is a fun activity that also gives you a colorful bunch!
  • In Noordwijkerhout you will find the Tulip Experience: a show garden with exhibition space about the history and the growing process of the tulip.

Tulips in Keukenhof (35 minutes drive from Amsterdam)

Also under Amsterdam you will find Keukenhof. This is not a region, but a flower garden that lies in the bulb region, northwest of Lisse, in South Holland. Here tulip farmers exhibit their tulips. No natural, old tulip fields in Keukenhof, but no less beautiful. Because here you can admire no less than 7 million tulips and other bulbous plants! You can also buy tickets to admire tulips around Keukenhof in peace from a whisper boat.

Tulips in Zeeland (2 hours drive from Amsterdam)

Zeeland is the province that we know from getting a breath of fresh air on vast beaches and enjoying salty delicacies. Think of the Zeeland mussels! Here the water is close everywhere – wherever you are in the province. Did you know that Zeeland has a total of 650 kilometers of coastline? The name Zeeland is therefore the best name that this Dutch water-rich province can have!

You may not expect it, but in addition to a lot of peace and space, you will also find a zipper of tulip fields in Zeeland. You admire the Zeeland tulips especially in fields in the south of Zeeland: in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. This part of the Netherlands is close to Belgium. Here you can admire the tulip fields in very different ways. Of course you can drive a tulip route by car or bike. But also in a very mindful way: walking!

  • The tulip fields are not far from each other in the vicinity of the places Absdale, Lamswaarde and Graauw. The distances are perfect for walking.
  • Tulip fields on Goeree-Overflakkee are further away than the tulip fields at Lisse, but you get something in return that you do not have in Lisse: rest. For example, start your tulip route in Oude-Tonge. Here you can drive a tulip route without crowds along tulip fields, dikes and through beautiful villages.
  • Spring gardens full of flowers can also be found on 22 and 23 April at Walcheren and Zuid-Beverland. You can easily visit the gardens in one day, because they are a short distance from each other.
  • Tulip picking in Zeeland can be done at the Pluktuinen of La Fleur in Bergen op Zoom, 's-Heer Hendrikskinderen, Hoogerheide, Noordgouwe, Steenbergen and Serooskerke.

Eternal search of the tulip farmer for fertile tulip soil

When the companies grew larger and the search for new tulip land continued, families left for the north of the Netherlands, also called the Kop van Noord-Holland, the companies settled around Breezand, which continues to Den Helder, it is the largest contiguous flower bulb region in the Netherlands, well-known villages to see beautiful Tulip fields are Julianadorp and Anna Paulowna.

Learn more about the tulip

The best way to experience the tulips? That is by going to the tulip farmer. During a visit to a bulb nursery you will learn more about the history and methods of harvesting tulips. And you are in the middle of a tulip field. The pinnacle of such a tulip visit? A Dutch lunch, between the tulips. This is possible in our tulip picking garden in Venhuizen.

Tulip etiquette in a tulip field in the Netherlands

Wherever you go to admire tulips in the Netherlands, do not go into the tulip fields! That's an unwritten rule / tulip etiquette. Sometimes this is even clearly indicated with a fence or a sign for the fields. You have to respect this. No matter how beautiful a photo between the tulips is. The tulip farmers are hard at work and proud of their tulips, and don't want people to walk through the fields. This entails a risk of diseases or nursing of the tulips or other bulbous plants.

Meet a real tulip farmer

Still an Instagram-worthy photo in a tulip field? Only with the permission of the tulip farmer. Tip: visit a tulip farmer and get every opportunity to take photos to your heart's content.

Discover everything about tulip farmer Mike here

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