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Where can you find the most beautiful Tulip fields in Holland?

When you go on holiday in the Netherlands from mid-March to mid-May, you will visit the colorful fields. There are several places in the Netherlands where you can admire beautiful tulip fields because nowadays, tulips are grown throughout the Netherlands. We'll tell you about the most beautiful tulip fields in the Netherlands.

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Visit Tulip Fields in the North of the Netherlands

If you go on holiday to the Netherlands, you naturally want to walk among the tulip fields. This is possible with our own tulip tour from Amsterdam. We go to the North, where there are tulip fields that have been planted there for decades and companies that are generations old grow on land that used to be poldered out by the old windmills. It's a wonderful history that we would like to tell you about.

We are going to the tulip fields in North Holland. Amsterdam is the largest city in the province of North Holland. The bulb fields can be visited close to Amsterdam, but you will also find the largest contiguous flower bulb area in the world here. With countless events, if you cycle or walk between Castricum, Den Helder, Alkmaar, and Hoorn, you will see endless tulip fields.

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Flower Events in North Holland

  • Tulip Tours Holland, visit the colorful Tulip fields with a tour
  • Poldertuin Anna Paulowna
  • Hortus Bulborum
  • Land van Fluwel
  • Bloeiende Zijpe
  • Tulip garden Floratuin

Visit Tulip Fields in the South of the Netherlands

The Netherlands is famous for its tulip fields, and the most popular area to visit is the bulb region. Most fields are located around Lisse and Noordwijkerhout, where not only tulips bloom, but also many daffodils and hyacinths. This makes the region worth visiting as early as mid-March.

Exploring the area by bicycle is highly recommended, as you can cycle along the Dutch flower route which is especially beautiful during spring. The route takes you along the beach and through the dunes where you can enjoy the sea of flowers in all its glory.

Flower events in South Holland

80516342 - keukenhof garden, lisse, netherlands - apr 29, 2017 : tourists enjoy the flowers at the spring flower garden. it is one of the worlds largest flower gardens. over 7 million flower bulbs and one million visitors every year. keukenhof garden, lisse, netherl
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