Tulipfields: a sea of colour

Tulip fields are synonymous with the Netherlands! Every year, thousands of people come to the Netherlands to behold these colourful fields. Our Tulip Tours show Dutch tulip fields at their best and introduce you to places you have never seen before!

Visiting the tulip fields

The tulips bloom between April and mid-May. Although all tulips start growing at different times, their growth is greatly determined by the weather. For instance, tulips are slower to bloom in colder periods.

Ideal time of year to visit tulip fields

It is difficult to identify an ideal period to visit tulip fields. Because most tulips start blooming from mid-April, this is often the best period to go on a Tulip Tour!

The differences between tulips

As already stated, not all tulips bloom at the same time. However, tulips are more likely to bloom once temperatures rise above 15 degrees. This offers you a rough idea about the best time to visit our tulips fields!

Beautiful red tulip field at Tulip Tours Holland Venhuizen
Sea of color at Tulip Tours Holland Venhuizen
A beautiful sunset view over the tulip fields Venhuizen Holland
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