Tulip private tour at Tulip Tours Holland in Venhuizen

Tulip Tours Holland now also offers private tours

Tulip Tours Holland - the Noord-Holland-based company that organises inspirational tulip tours - now also offers private tours. These tours will specifically appeal to smaller (private or professional) groups that want a different kind of day out.

Tulip Tours Holland has hereby responded to a trend that has been visible in the tourism and travel sector since 2017: greater demand for luxury and personalised travel and excursions. A private tour offers groups their own mini-bus and personal guide. The tour itinerary can be customised, which means the specific preferences of the group will always be met.

Also for the professional market
This is a great opportunity for families and friends to experience a fun, enjoyable and educational day out. But it is also a fantastic opportunity for companies to arrange a different kind of excursion for their personnel. A private tulip tour is also a unique way of giving (foreign) clients an insight into the nature and culture of Noord-Holland.

Online booking possible
You can register for a private tulip tour via the website of Tulip Tours Holland: www.tuliptoursholland.com. ‘We really want to show that Noord-Holland is a stunning province, packed with colourful tulip fields as well as attractive and historic places, where culture lovers will feel at home’, says Mike Zwart, owner of Tulip Tours.

But there is more…
Tulip Tours Holland still has many other ideas for the future. What to think about a photoshoot with tulips on location? In the spring of 2021 we will be working with our partner in Giethoorn for a few free photo shoots in Giethoorn. Visit our Facebook page and check out the company's stunning photos and inspirational tips.

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