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Cycle along the most beautiful tulips in the Netherlands with our cycling routes

You will of course receive the best tips from the locals. Usually people keep the most beautiful routes and places in a destination secret to avoid mass tourism. But we are not the worst and still reveal our favorite cycling routes along the most beautiful flower fields.

Why? Because we give everyone a look at this Dutch splendor! And cycling through the Netherlands, who didn't grow up with it. The routes we use are often perfect for a wonderful day of cycling through the Dutch nature. However, be careful in the (smaller) villages, especially in spring these are very popular and therefore busy with traffic. Good cycle paths are sometimes missing and as a result you share the road with many.

Cycle route between Hoorn and Enkhuizen

These routes lead you from the center of the town of Hoorn to Enkhuizen, or vice versa. Several routes are conceivable, but during these routes you are guaranteed to pass the most picturesque villages in the Netherlands. The routes are clearly presented by us on the maps (see below) and can easily be followed without a guide. Install Google Maps on your phone just to be sure and you'll be sure to arrive at your destination. By the way, the latter applies to every bike ride that you are going to make.
The villages are interspersed along the way with the most beautiful and colorful bulb fields. Ready for a break or have you become curious about the tulip? Then stop halfway at our tulip picking garden and enjoy a drink and the expertise of our professionals on site.
Fancy taking a bunch of flowers with you? Then you are in the right place, because the Tulips Tour Garden is not called a picking garden for nothing! In contrast to the other tulip fields, it is allowed to touch the tulips here and even to pick them for home. Something that is unusual in other fields due to the risk of spreading diseases. So be sure to navigate to Venhuizen and visit our Tulips Garden there.
Which other villages do you encounter on these routes? Almost too many to list; From Wijdenes to Zwaagdijk and from Westwoud to Midwoud. Each and every one of them beautiful villages in an inimitable landscape. Think old farms, rotating windmills and idyllic campsites. Not moved enough by all that cycling? Perhaps you can enjoy yourself at one of the largest kitesurfing spots in the country in Schellinkhout.

Cycle past the tulips in the Northern Sand area

Another area where the splendor of the tulip fields is central is the routes from Schagen to Callantsoog. Routes from Breezand to Den Helder are located in this same area, which is also a good insider tip. The most beautiful color fields of the so-called Noordkop of the province of North Holland are located here. The nice thing about this route is the varied landscape. At Callantsoog you can easily cycle into the dunes and visit the North Sea. But you will also frequently come across vast, green meadows and bulb fields.
Sights such as the barracks of the Royal Netherlands Navy can be found in Den Helder and Fort Kijkduin is also located in the region. Since this route takes you past the first bloomers of the season, the daffodils, this is a route that can be cycled early in the season. Hyacinths are also in full bloom around the beginning of March and give the first spring feeling after a long and dark winter! Think of a palette of yellow and purple, overwhelmingly beautiful.

Cycling through the Bulb Region

The name already reveals it, during these routes you will find the most impressive bulb fields in the country. Think of a vast area with many cycling routes and the most contiguous tulip fields worldwide. Here too, the early bloomers, daffodils and hyacinths, can be admired from mid-March.
These routes are interspersed with the nicest historic villages such as De Zilk, Noordwijkerhout, Voorhout and Lisse. You are undoubtedly familiar with the latter, the largest flower garden in our country is of course located there; The Keukenhof.
In short, get on your bike this spring and let yourself be overwhelmed by all this beauty!

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