Tulips in Amsterdam

Through Amsterdam with the tulips!

We are already busy getting our condition up to standard because we are almost allowed to go again; Cycling with tulips through Amsterdam! Every year a highlight for us to tour our beautiful capital by cargo bike. All that with our favorite flower; The tulip! Read on to find out where you can spot us and why.

Up the paths, into the avenues

Our beautiful picking garden shines every year in the first spring sun. Now, of course, it is not located in the middle of the city, but in the beautiful, authentic Venhuizen. A beautiful village, but also a place that tourists do not always take for granted.
Yet we want to ensure that as many people as possible enjoy the vast tulip fields, the beautiful villages and the picturesque landscapes. We do everything we can to bring our pride to the attention of others, especially tourists. Everything to present a beautiful calling card of our country.


It doesn’t get more Dutch

Besides the tulip and the bulb fields, what else is more typically Dutch? That’s right, cycling! That is why we at Tulip Tours have been cycling through Amsterdam with a cargo bike for many years to hand out free tulips to passers-by.
We also hand out flyers with all information about Tulip Tours and our picking garden. Also this year we can’t wait to get on the cargo bike again, from March 21th it’s that time again!

Where to spot?

Amsterdam is a big city, so the chance that you will miss us is unfortunately high. Yet you can tempt fate, because we start every day at Amsterdam Central where we help people at the pick-up point. Then we go for a bike ride through the city and in the meantime we hand out. Free and for nothing and the Dutch love that, we all know that.
Do you have any questions or would you like us to visit your company or hotel in Amsterdam? Mail or call us and we’ll see what is possible. We can even arrange Santa Claus among our clientele, it was before the official season, but we were happy to make an exception for him. That’s why we went out with him last year, ho, ho, hoo!

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