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Tulips in Giethoorn?

When you think of Giethoorn, you think of bridges, canals, houses with thatched roofs and masses of tourists. I do not associate tulips with Giethoorn. I myself have been there a number of times with business relations or customers. I often took a number of boxes with tulips to take a picture with them in Giethoorn. Time and time again, the Dutch Venice, as Giethoorn is often called, managed to enchant me and my company. Was that because of the tulips?

Friends in Giethoorn

During these visits I regularly speak with entrepreneurs and residents of the Venice of the North, as Giethoorn is also called. When I came to Giethoorn again, I always took some tulip bulbs with me. These were distributed among the entrepreneurs and residents. When it was spring, I got the photos of the tulips in Giethoorn sent to me again.

Boat rental in Giethoorn

If you want to be sure that there is a boat ready for you in Giethoorn, then it is best to reserve a boat at Giethoorn boat rental. If you are going to rent a boat, you can sail yourself in Giethoorn in a whisper boat or a sloop. You can also choose to make a cruise in a tour boat.

Planting 10,000 tulip bulbs in Giethoorn
Planting tulip bulbs in Giethoorn

That's how the idea was born to take a bigger approach. Sometime in October 2021 I drove to Giethoorn with 10,000 tulip bulbs. We then planted 10,000 tulip bulbs in various places in Giethoorn.The expectation is that these tulips will show themselves sometime around the beginning of April 2022.A number of local newspapers have already gotten wind of planting the bulbs, so assume that the tulips will make it to the press. Hopefully also a little promotion for our tulip picking garden in Venhuizen. This way you can see tulips in the spring during your boat trip in Giethoorn.

Tulips out of season

The average Dutch person are confronted with tulips in April and May. After that it is another year waiting for all those beautiful colors. With the organization of tulip tours for years, we had a very short season. That's how we came up with the idea to also offer tulip tours outside the regular off-season (April and May). From October to March you can also get a tour in a tulip hatchery. The tourists love it. Now they can see tulips much longer than before.

Planting tulip bulbs in Giethoorn
Planting tulip bulbs in Giethoorn

Tulips in iconic places

You sometimes wonder, where do all these Tulips come from? Tulips only bloom for 4 weeks in the fields in April and May, We received many questions from people who could not travel to the Netherlands during this period. That is why we decided to go from October to March with the tulips to the most beautiful places in the Netherlands. Photos in the Tulip Fields are beautiful but isn't it unique if you have a tulip photo with a windmill, Giethoorn or the city of Amsterdam in the background? Tulip tours Holland planted 10,000 tulips in Giethoorn at the end of 2021. This way you can see tulips in the spring during your boat trip in Giethoorn. We estimate that our tulips can be seen in mid-April.

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